The Entrepreneurial Toolkit: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Launching Your Business

The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit presents the foundational tools to successfully launch your new business. 24 powerful, in-depth CD series that you can study at your convenience. This course teaches you how to be an entrepreneur and how to think like one – skills that are essential whether you are starting a business, expanding an existing business, boosting your career as an employee, pursuing a social cause, or seeking to increase your impact as a teacher, coach, minister, or other professional.

Course Titles:

  1. How to Come Up with a Great Business Idea
  2. Understanding Your Market
  3. Prototypes-Making Your Idea a Reality
  4. Defining Your Business Model
  5. Picking Your Business Structure
  6. Starting Your Business Plan
  7. Market Analysis and Marketing Strategy
  8. Business Logistics and Operations
  9. Organizational Structure and Management Teams
  10. Income Statements and Balance Sheets
  11. Cash Flow Statements and Performance Measures
  12. Conducting Rick Analysis
  13. Finishing Your Business Plan
  14. How to Finance Your Business
  15. From Your Home Office to Social Media
  16. Starting a Family Business
  17. Buying a Fanchise or Other Business
  18. Understanding Intellectual Property
  19. Managing Human Resources
  20. The Customer’s Experience and Your Brand
  21. Entrepreneurial Perspectives
  22. Entrepreneurial Exhaustion
  23. Entrepreneurial Leadership
  24. The Successful Entrepreneur