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Recording Agreement

Each time we have a guest speaker on the radio, it’s an opportunity not only to connect with listeners but also to video the episode and post it on a private YouTube channel. This allows the guest speaker to use the video for whatever purposes they like. In addition, ENOM has the option to promote the recording and offer it for free or for sale as online training material. Your business will automatically be marketed to our sphere of influence. Once the video is created and posted, you will receive an email with the YouTube URL. You may use the video for your own purpose, however you like as a promotional tool, free training or to sell.

Rather than pay our guest speakers a percentage from any resulting sales, it’s much simpler to agree that we share in the rights to market any recorded material without any financial commitment to either party from any sales or liability of any future lawsuits as a result of the release to the public of such recorded material.

By completing this form you agree to the terms outlined above.